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Miniature Petitpoint, Charts & Kits

Dollhouse miniaturists are always on the hunt for new and exciting additions to their miniature world. is your one source for all things related to miniature needlework and petitpoint. We are excited to offer you our own charted designs that can be purchased as charts, kits or downloaded to your computer.

Needlework Silks, Tools & Accessories

We offer silk fibers come from Needlepoint Silks, Aue Ver Soie, Krenik, Gloriana and Rainbow Gallery. Our silk gauze is available in counts for 32 to 90. In addition we offer John James needles in a variety of sizes, stitching tools, accessories and embellishments, and finished petitpoint miniature Christmas stockings, stuffed animals and pictures.

Miniature Needlework Designs

We can also design that perfect piece to complement your miniature world. We carefully choose our petitpoint tools, supplies and embellishments. Because we have used all of the miniature petitpoint supplies we offer, we can answer many of your questions. Our charted designs can be stitched on any count silk gauze so they are perfect for even the smallest of spaces.

Silk Gauze

Our silk gauze is packaged in eight by eight inch pieces, but special order cuts are also available. We also offer starter packs so you can challenge yourself to find the level of detail you are comfortable working with.

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